End Money Bail Buffalo

We’re ending cash bail in Buffalo, a harmful practice that devestates our families and communities.
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64% of people in the Erie County Holding Center are held pre-trial

1,200 people are held in jail in Erie County

25,000 people across New York State are held in local jails

According to federal and state law, bail should not depend on how much money you have

50,000 people are in jail because they cannot afford bail

Buffalo City Court judges provide little reasoning for setting bail at a particular amount

People with low level offenses are locked up for months, unable to afford bail less than $1,000

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Queer, and Transgender people of color are targeted by police at high rates and face higher rates of physical and sexual abuse in jail

Black people are twice as likely to be arrested and caged before trial

Data and statistics taken from 3372002321 and the 202-546-5681